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Rabbit Hopping is similar to show Jumping for horses where as Rabbit Agility is similar to agility for dogs.   Hopping is just hurdles. Agility includes a variety of contact and non-contact jumps. A-frames, bridges, teeter totters, tire jumps, tunnels, pause boxes and more.


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Alikatt's Bunnies have been a superb help to me. They have great pricing on quality equipment. I'm just starting out with my rescued two month old "mutt" bun, and have several questions. They were VERY helpful and excited to get me started - even if it was their bedtime! LOL Thanks!!!

- Marian, Riverdale, Utah


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We have a full line of quality rabbit hopping and agility products that are designed with you in mind. The harnesses we sell have a lifetime guarantee.  You get what you pay for.

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All new customers receive  a complementary training sessions with each purchase.  We have the experience you need to safely get started. 

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